16 July 2010

Venetian Nineteenth century. Contemporary Venice

From 28th March to 26th September 2010

Villa Nazionale Pisani, Stra

The exhibition wants to enhance the works of the most known painters who were educated or who taught in the classrooms of Venice Academy during the Nineteenth century and the first five-year periods of the succeeding century. Artworks covering a period of more than one century, by interacting and approaching the protagonists of the art from the Veneto, in which the different routes met in the Venetian institutional context, whose prestige has always been like the one of the Roman Academy of St. Luke and the one of Brera, Milan. Passing over the Nineteenth century which, with passing of time and the changing of tastes and culture, transforms itself and, from a neoclassical ideal, it becomes romantic and then realist; the paintings, whose sizes vary from the miniaturized to the monumental ones, lead the public throughout historical scenes, portraits, pictures of a specific genre, landscapes, and to enjoy shadings which are different from the aesthetic emotion, from the clear and rational rigour of the Canova type picture, to the magic of dazzling chromatic Vedutism like pictures going back over the tradition of the Eighteenth century, with the intense charm of a landscape painted from life and the ironic melancholy of a witty popular tale.

In order to prove the fact that Venice is still nowadays a lively artistic centre, where young artists of considerable merit study and work, Costantino D’Orazio has invited five artists working in the Venetian area to deal with the extraordinary background of Villa Pisani Park, where during the latest two years some of the greatest international artists have exhibited their artworks. After the eminent participation of Mimmo Paladino, Richard Long, Giuseppe Penone or Jannis Kounellis, the Park of the Villa will open, for the first time, to the artist of the new generations, with a glance over those who contribute to enrich the Venetian artistic field by their works.

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